Cremach's Crumbler achieves precise feed sizes for poultry and shrimp feeds. Its adjustable rollers produce desired crumb sizes below the pellet cooler. Utilizing two large, independently driven rollers, the crumble technology ensures minimal fines and maximum crumble quality. Made from robust mild steel, the Crumbler ensures durability.

The machine features a speed-controlled rotary vane feeder, optimizing power usage and material flow, ideal for producing fine quality feeds like starter and pre-starter crumbs. Large-scale axially and radially riffled crumble rollers rotate in opposite directions, accurately cutting pellets into precise crumbs. With a generous size of 280mm, the crumble rollers ensure optimal results. A remote roller adjustment system enhances efficiency and simplifies roller distance adjustment during production.

  • Low Vibration

    Low Vibration

  • Easy to Maintain

    Easy to Maintain

  • High Performing

    High Performing


  • Optimum design for size reduction achieved through gear box to precisely achieve the size desired.
  • The machine frame is constructed from fabricated steel, making the Crumbler extremely durable and capable of withstanding demanding operational conditions.
  • The machine's rolls are protected from damage by cup springs, ensuring an extra-long service life.
  • The double motor arrangement without gears contributes to the Crumbler's longevity and efficient power transmission. The independently driven rollers further enhance performance and reliability.