Cremach's Conveying Equipment, a leading solution for seamless material transfer in feed processing. Our range includes Elevators, Screw Conveyors, Chain Conveyors and Slat Conveyors, meticulously designed for efficient handling of feed ingredients. With robust construction and advanced technology, our equipment ensures reliable performance and durability. The Elevators provide vertical lifting with precision, while the Screw Conveyors offer versatile and gentle material movement. Our Chain Conveyors deliver robust and continuous conveying and the Slat Conveyors are perfect for heavy-duty applications. Trust Cremach's Conveying Equipment for smooth material flow and optimized feed processing in your operations.

  • Low Vibration

    Low Vibration

  • Easy to Maintain

    Easy to Maintain

  • High Performing

    High Performing

Elevator Features

  • Bucket Elevator with Top Drum Rubberizing for enhanced grip and reduced slippage during material lifting.
  • Tensioning Assembly ensures precise belt tension, maintaining optimal performance and minimizing downtime.

Screw Conveyor Features

  • Screw Conveyor with Helical Screw and U trough design for efficient material handling and gentle conveying.
  • Equipped with Flight and Hanger Bearings, ensuring smooth and reliable operation, reducing maintenance and downtime.

Chain Conveyor Features

  • Chain Conveyor equipped with Redlar chain and nylon pad for smooth and quiet material transportation, ensuring efficiency and longevity.

Slat Conveyor Features

  • Slat Conveyor offers robust, heavy-duty material transportation with durable slats, ideal for demanding industrial applications.