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your premier destination for top-notch milling machinery tailored specifically for the compound feed industry.

As a trusted leader in the field, we specialize in providing exceptional design, manufacturing, installation, automation and commissioning services for animal feed process plants.

At Cremach, we pride ourselves on our unrivaled expertise in process equipment for a wide range of sectors, including cattle feed, poultry feed, fish feed, shrimp feed, feed additives and grain handling. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience enable us to deliver innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of each industry.

When you choose Cremach, you gain access to cutting-edge process equipment that seamlessly integrates modern technology. Our state-of-the-art machinery is meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. We prioritize design engineering, manufacturing excellence and project management to consistently deliver exceptional grain processing solutions.

Partner with Cremach and experience the difference our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction makes. Contact us today to discover how our industry-leading expertise can enhance your milling operations and drive success for your business.


Our Company


Established in 1980, Cremach was started under the leadership of Mr. Paresh Vakil along with Mr. Ravindran and Mr. UKK Menon in Vadodara, Gujarat. Over the past four decades, we have emerged as a leading player in the animal feed industry, both in India and internationally.

Our success is attributed to a business strategy focused on achieving sustainable and profitable growth in the long term. With a team of dedicated experts, we engineer top-of-the-line machinery that sets industry standards. Our team comprises over 50 skilled engineers and executives who constantly strive to deliver excellence.

At Cremach, we take immense pride in our journey and the reputation we have built. We have established ourselves as a trusted brand in the animal feed sector, offering cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains unwavering.

As we move forward, we continue to prioritize innovation, customer-centricity and operational excellence. Together, we aim to drive Cremach to new heights, delivering exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders.

Nestled in the vibrant Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (G.I.D.C), Makarpura, Vadodara, Cremach boasts a spacious workshop facility spanning over 50,000 square feet. Our facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and modern equipment, positioning us at the forefront of engineering excellence.

Situated in the heart of this industrious region, Vadodara is renowned for its rich royal heritage and esteemed educational institutions, established by the visionary King Sayaji Rao. The city's cultural and educational diversity has attracted a multitude of talented individuals, creating a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment. It has also emerged as a preferred destination for multinational corporations, capitalizing on the city's highly educated and skilled workforce.

These invaluable assets have played a pivotal role in shaping Cremach's exceptional team of over 50 experts. United by a shared vision, our team tirelessly strives to deliver the finest quality feed machinery to clients worldwide. We owe our success to the support and talent found within this thriving city.

As we continue our journey, Cremach remains committed to harnessing the city's unique resources and expertise, propelling us to the forefront of the industry on a global scale.


Chairman desk

"The journey from 1980 till today as a project engineering company in the animal feed industry, has been nothing less than exciting and all of you have been an integral part of the same. Throughout the years, we have strived to deliver excellence in all that we do and we are thrilled to have achieved success in the process.

As stakeholders, you have played an essential role in our company's growth and success. Your unwavering support and commitment have enabled us to deliver exceptional projects and services and for that, we extend our sincere gratitude.

Our achievements in Cattle, Poultry and Aqua Feed plants across Co-operatives, private organizations and multinational corporations have only been made possible by the dedication of our employees, who work tirelessly to ensure that we meet our clients' needs and expectations.

We are blessed to have such a talented and hardworking team and we recognize their contribution to our success.

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to continuing to work closely with our stakeholders and clients to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement remains steadfast and we will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and we look forward to continued success in the years ahead."


Mr. Paresh VakilChairman


Our Mission

We are a creative and highly committed project engineering company that builds cost effective and robust process plant across geographies creating a better life for society.


Our Mantra

Great Performance Guaranteed

Core Values

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    Commitment towards work

  • innovation

    Innovation & creativity in all tasks

  • ethics_honesty

    Ethics–honesty & trust

  • helpful

    Helpful & kind to all

  • joy

    Joy of work everyday

Company Highlights

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    43+ years of feed technology experience

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    55,000 Sqft of workshop facility in Vadodara

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    National dairy development board (NDDB) approved

  • technology_experience

    Largest indigenous feed plant installation of 1200 TPD

  • technology_experience

    30,000+ TPD produced by CPL plants

  • technology_experience

    500+ pellet mills in operation

  • technology_experience

    500+ hammer mills in operation

  • technology_experience

    Feed plants of capacities from 50 TPD to 1200 TPD

  • technology_experience

    550+ projects across india

  • technology_experience

    Lowest Power consumption/ton of feed

  • technology_experience

    Lowest operational cost of feed plant

  • technology_experience

    High profit low maintenance

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